An Introduction to Health Coaching


Veda Polk

7 min read

I am so excited to bring back to you all weekly blogs about all things health and wellness! Before, this was brought to you as “Fitness Friday” with information provided by the one and only Coach Brendan Bellantoni. As the Health and Wellness Coach, I wanted to bring back the Sweat from Home weekly blog to encompass ALL things health and wellness. This weekly blog will touch on everything - fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, decreasing stress, work // life balance and much, much more.

To kick off the revival of the blog, over the next several weeks we are going to learn about and break down “The 10 Reasons for Weight Gain”. But before diving into the top 10 reasons, this week we are going to focus on the two main components in achieving optimal health. When we think of health and wellness, we typically think of Nutrition and Exercise. Eating well, moving more - whatever that looks like for you as an individual. Taking healthy actions is only half of the equation. The other half is being in the ideal state to digest and assimilate food. You can build foundational habits and put them into action to sustain healthy changes but to set your body up to be in the ideal state to digest and assimilate food, you need to focus on decreasing the amount of stress in your body. 

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from very demanding circumstances (as I am sure you already know) and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Stress affects the body in so many ways - our wellbeing, our weight loss, our overall health and wellness - and unfortunately it does not affect the body in a positive way at all. The greatest effect of stress on our body is how it hinders the digestive system and causes it to shut down. When we release more cortisol into the body, the Central Nervous System sends signals to help your body run fast and think fast - in other words, to engage the “fight and flight” mode. And when that happens, the body pumps blood away from your digestive system and towards your brain and extremities. THE GOOD NEWS: this process is reversible.

So to understand how to achieve OPTIMAL health, it comes down to understanding how the body works so you can identify what YOUR body needs. We are so similar, yet so different - individually, our body’s generally need the same things but in different ways and different amounts. “There are as many health and wellness plans on this Earth as there are people”. So again:

The formula for a healthy life and optimal digestion =

Healthy food and lifestyle choices  +  Ideal state for digestion and assimilation

It’s not just nutrition and exercise that matters… it’s also sleep, emotional health, decreasing stress, creating a life of enjoyment and a life free of harmful factors, whatever they may be specifically for you. Stay tuned, these next 10 weeks we will touch on 10 harmful factors that cause weight gain and how to overcome them.

See ya next week!

- Veda