Detoxes and Cleanses

There’s a Time and a Place for Everything


Veda Polk

5 Minute Read

Everyone has their own unique “diet” - as we learned in the 2 most recent blog posts. If you are starting to think about getting into and finding your specific nutrition plan for your body, you know I would say “that’s a great idea!” :)

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If you are thinking about doing a cleanse or detox to make it easier on yourself, let’s cover a few things first. There’s a time and a place for everything, right? Same goes for detoxes and cleanses. Yes, there are times where they are beneficial but there are also times where they can be detrimental. So let’s take a deeper look into when would be a good time to do a detox or cleanse and when would not be a good time to do one. 


Cleanses are utilized to help remove toxins from our body caused by our environment, medications, foods, etc. They should help you go back to the basics of eating real, whole foods - and if we continue eating this way, it will help our bodies naturally cleanse itself on a daily basis.


They should not be used as a quick fix for weight loss -because- this usually causes yoyo dieting and does not create sustainable weight loss habits. 

So in the instance of resetting your body to be able to find your specific nutrition plan for your body - perfect time to do a cleanse or detox! To be honest, I usually have my members go through a 2 week period of cleaning out their metabolism and gut to be able to reset, so to speak, internally. Cleanses and detoxes are best utilized when kick starting a journey of long term changes or to help redirect from processed foods. 

Did you know… your liver, GI tract and kidneys are all designed to cleanse the body on a daily basis?

Cleanse the healthy way and set up for success after with a plan! Need help? Email me ( - or fill out the website form to set up a time to do a complimentary quick introductory call - I am always excited to help others find their specific nutrition plan and to reset their health, internally!