10 Reasons for Weight Gain - #5

(Not Listening to Our Body)


Veda Polk

4 Minute Read

When I was going through my course to become a Health Coach, I found it so interesting how intricate the human body is. There are so many signals and alarms that our body has in place to communicate with us for various different reasons. What foods our body likes and dislikes, when we are hungry and full, when we are not feeling well, when we feel uncomfortable about different experiences and situations - these signals and alarms were put in place to protect us. Understanding those signals and alarms is so crucial which is why we were taught to help people understand and identify them. 

Essentially, we were taught about the HOLISTIC approach to health and wellness. Caring for the whole person as a single unit — listening to and providing needs for all pillars of health: physical, mental, spiritual, and social. It's rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others. The reason we help our members become in tune with their body, relearning and identifying what their specific signals and alarms are is due to the fact that not listening to our body is one of the 10 causes for weight gain. 

It is so important to know what your body is trying to tell you because, again, these are boundaries in place to protect you - to keep you safe. Let’s look at how it affects weight gain

  1. Hunger + Fullness Cues

Listening to our natural hunger cues helps us stay away from over-indulging and under-eating which also helps to keep your blood sugar leveled and avoid binge eating

  1. Bloating + Digestive Issues

Listening to our body when we feel digestive discomfort (bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation) helps us stay away from foods that our body does not like and avoid weight gain from bloating, constipation and // or water retention.

  1. Increased Energy + Extreme Fatigue

Listening to our body when we feel more energy versus when we feel tired and sluggish,  helps us to understand food intolerances and allergies. What foods your body thrives off of and what foods your body rejects. 

As you can see, understanding YOUR specific boundaries, signals and alarms especially when it comes to food is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. If you are struggling with any of the above examples, please - please schedule a time to chat with me! Life is not meant to be lived in pain + discomfort. We can most certainly change the trajectory of your health and wellness, restore balance within your body and identify together your specific boundaries in all aspects of life!

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Have questions?? Feel free to reach out - I am always here to help in any way that I can!