Why Diets Don't Work | Part 1

Understanding the problem


Veda Polk

4 Minute Read

We’ve gone through the top 10 reasons for weight gain and have learned quite a bit about food, water, sleep and stress and how they affect the body - both good and bad. All of this information has come to light after 50 years of diets. Diets created as a “one size fits all” plan, altering the macronutrients you have in different amounts. 

Low Fat

Low carb





Too many to keep track of. The thing is - it’s not about following a diet. It’s not about restricting calories and increasing your exercise. It’s not about doing cleanses and fastings. It’s about feeding your fat cells the RIGHT foods to release stored calories back into our body to use and burn as fuel. Yes, you heard that right. Our fat cells, when we do these crazy diets that don’t fuel our body appropriately, take more than they need and leave the rest of the body feeling deprived and malnourished - sending hunger cues that we fight off because we think it’s the right thing to do when following a diet. 

The problem: “Limiting the calories available to the body actually makes matters worse … It’s not a matter of willpower so much as biology and time. Eventually, we succumb and overeat, typically on all the wrong foods, fueling a vicious cycle of weight gain”. The Food Industry promoted and created more and more highly processed industrial food products that are highly addictive, and unfortunately our normal go-to choices when we experience cravings. These processed foods have become the prime suspect in the Obesity Epidemic. 

And here’s why: processed // refined carbohydrates overstimulate our fat cells driving them into chaos. They consume more calories than necessary and cause the rest of the body to starve. Thus begins the vicious cycle.

To be continued…

Next week we will go over the solution and how to find the perfect nutrition plan for YOU and your body.