The Classes

We built our class options with a range of fitness goals and athletic levels in mind. Whether you're looking for a high intensity sweat-fest, a low-impact calorie burn challenge, or a restorative stretch, we have something for you.

Class Options

11 different paths to an amazing, connected workout


Bodyweight-only classes focusing on high intensity interval training. Very sweaty!


(45min) Cardio focused, bodyweight-only exercises that will get your heart rate up and challenge your body! Modifications and options always provided.


(45min) Cycle, walk, run, or row! Cardio class focused on the music and rhythm to get your heart rate up through interval training! No equipment needed if running. 


Endurance classes are designed to get the most out of extended bouts of repetitive movement, like cycling.


(45min) Improving overall strength and power through precise and controlled low impact movements.


(45min) Ballet inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance and strength training. The class has a strong focus on proper alignment, flexibility, balance, and core conditioning.


(45min) A low-impact yet serious strength workout that will improve overall conditioning and can help ease low back pain, improve sleep, and overall well being :).


These classes use weights or heavy household items like your favorite coffee table book to focus on strength-building.


 (45min) Lower rep counts, no jumping. We will tear down your muscle fibers and build them back up! Weights required. 

arms and abs

(45min) Strength based class with bursts of cardio that focuses on burning out your upper body! Weights are required.

total strength and cardio

(45min) Equal balance of strength and cardio. Very little rest.  Nothing is off limits in this class—be prepared to sweat! Weights required. 


(45min) Preventative and rehabilitative class that is low to moderate intensity and suitable for all levels. Light weights and a chair are required.


No jumping here. These classes focus on mobility and core movements.

deep stretch

(30min) Recovery-focused. Designed to revive your body for another full week of high intensity workouts. No equipment needed.


(30min) Releasing tension from your trigger points also enables a broader range of motion in you muscles, leading to a deeper stretch. Ultimately, this class is designed to revive your body for another full week of higher intensity Sweat from Home workouts!

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