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The common “diet” mentality is focused on deprivation. People do lose weight, but ultimately gain it right back.

Instead, the mission with Optimized Health Coaching is to learn the specifics of your health and life across Nutrition, Movement (Fitness), Sleep, Stress, Hydration, and Lifestyle, to create a personalized, sustainable health plan that works, for all genders and ages, both now and in the future.

This 360 approach provides support across all of these interconnected areas, acknowledging that they work together to result in true health.

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Ethan Schiff

Ethan is an integrative health coach and Founder of Optimized Health, based in Los Angeles. After years of yo-yo dieting, and realizing that none of it was sustainable, he began studying nutrition, fitness and habit development, with the goal of developing a more sustainable approach to weight loss and general health.Using this approach (now the Optimized Health “SIMMER Method”), he lost 130 pounds and became passionate about nutrition, fitness and habit development in the process.His endless enthusiasm and genuine passion lead him to create Optimized Health, with the goal of using the approach that worked on himself to now help others whether they are trying to lose weight, get fit or simply live their best, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives.

Hobbies: Home-Cooked Food, Strength Training, Running, Nutrition Education, Reading and Coffee!

Coach Ethan's Personal Transformation

Maddy Pollack

Maddy is an integrative health coach based in Los Angeles, passionate about helping people to get healthy and feel their best through eating real food, nutrition education, cooking and movement. After beating cancer at 25 years old, she found that the only thing that helped to relieve painful side effects from chemo and radiation was eating clean foods and reducing processed foods from her diet to decrease inflammation. After seeing the power of food’s ability to heal, she now coaches others to experience it for themselves, through a holistic, mind-body approach, whether their goal is weight loss or simply to feel better and healthier every single day.

Hobbies: Cooking, Creating Easy Recipes, Barre, Yoga, Nutrition Education and Eating!

Coach Maddy's Personal Transformation

Program & Services

Initial Consultation & Weekly Sessions
- Free Initial Consultation (discussing background, challenges and goals)
- Goal Setting & Habit Analysis
- Weekly Coaching Sessions (discuss previous/upcoming week, across all facets of health)
Custom Weekly Health Plans

Nutrition Plans
- Personalized Nutrition Plan (detailed and customized to you!)
Shared Digital Food Journals (to help with accountability and awareness)
Grocery List Suggestions
- Healthy Recipe Suggestions
- Sustainable, Adaptable Approach

Fitness Plans
- Weekly customized training plans utilizing the Sweat from Home coaching staff and programming methodology
- Individual & Small group training also available

Accountability & Access
- Shared Food & Drink Logs
- Direct Access Throughout Week
- Help with Grocery Lists
- Guidance Navigating Social Events, Work Happy Hours, Birthday Parties, and Other Challenges
- Sharing of Recipes, Articles and Other Resources
- Whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals!


View more transformations & testimonials here
“I’ve been working with Ethan for two months and already see and feel more improvement in my body and overall health than in my entire life leading up to this. Ethan is an amazing coach that is committed and is there for you every step of the way. I highly recommend getting started!”— Jordan Kubinski (July 2020)
“Since working with Ethan I’ve lost more than 50lbs, and am off ALL of my Diabetes medication that I had taken for six years. It was all brand new to me, but we focused on tiny goals and habits one by one and built up over time. He is the best!”— Robin Finkelstein (May 2020)

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