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Meet Veda - Your Certified Health Coach!

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Meet Veda - Your Certified Health Coach!

Certifications: AADP certified Nutrition Coach +ICF Health Coach

Experience: Profile by Sanford, Lever Health

Veda Polk is a certified Health and Nutrition Coach through the Health Coach Institute. She has been professionally coaching members since August 2019 and has helped over 100 people not only lose weight but also enhance their overall health and wellness. She is passionate about helping others build a better life, physically and mentally.

With Veda, you will learn about Nutrition (more specifically how and what to eat to best support your metabolic health) as well as learning more about Sleep, Activity and Emotional Health and how these core pillars affect your overall health and wellness.

You will implement small, manageable changes to better support your body for optimal functionality. Veda's passion is supporting members to find out what they need in life, what they want to change and why, and providing positive encouragement all the way through the Coaching Program as they transform their life, and more importantly their health.

This 360 approach provides support across all of these interconnected areas, acknowledging that they work together to result in true health. (edited)

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Veda's Take:
Weekly Thoughts on all things Health and Wellness

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Program & Services

The Health and Wellness program is designed, in its entirety, to last 12 months. Though, it is broken up into 3 levels so there is flexibility to commit to 3-6 months at a time if preferred. The program will touch on all 4 pillars of health: Nutrition, Sleep, Emotional Health and Activity - and will focus on decreasing stress within the body, healing the body from the inside out and learning how to create sustainability for years to come. You will learn what to eat, how much to eat and WHY as well as how sleep, emotional health and activity also have factors in creating optimal health.

Included in the program:

  • Weekly sessions
  • Unlimited SFH workout classes
  • Resources + education
  • 24-7 support from Veda, your certified Health Coach

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