Get ready to kick!

Welcome to our 1st ever Sweat from Home “Kick the Sugar Cravings” challenge.

Created and led by Sweat from Home's certified Health Coach Veda Polk, this challenge is designed to:
· Help restore your metabolic and gut health
· Provide tips on how to fuel your body appropriately with food

If you are ready to feel more energy, improve your quality of sleep, decrease stress and/or tone up (or lose weight, for those who want to!) -- this will be the perfect challenge as we transition into the Fall season 🍂🍁.

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Gather as many points as you can 🥦 💯

The challenge will start on Monday, September 20th, and end on Sunday, October 31st.

The main objective: Decrease the amount of processed food you consume, and introduce more natural, nutrient dense foods into your daily diet to help restore your metabolism and gut microbiome.

How do you win?
With points! Points will be rewarded for participation in:

✅  Submitting your weekly nutrition logs
✅  Attending weekly seminars
✅  Engaging in social media posts

This Challenge is FREE to join!

how to win 🏅

To be eligible to win:
The only way to win is by participating - so to get ready to be involved!

1st Place: $25 studio credit
2nd Place: $15 Studio Credit
3rd Place: $10 Studio Credit

Challenge Perks

1 on 1 Sessions: For those who want more personalized recommendations, 1-1 sessions with Veda will be available to schedule.

Weekly Seminars: Group meetings will be held every Monday at 7pm EST through the challenge. These seminars will be interactive, with Veda providing helpful nutritional information, best practices, as well what to work on for the week ahead. It will also be a great to for members to ask questions. On-demand recordings will be available, but you must attend live to receive points :)

Private Community Chats:
All challenge participants will be invited to a GroupMe channel where they can share their challenge experience, ask questions, and meet their fellow sugar kicking friends!

Refer Friends, get 💰

Refer a NEW friend and you'll both receive a $10 credit
Refer 2 NEW friends and everyone receives a $15 credit
Refer 3 or more NEW friends and everyone receives a $25 credit

*"NEW" = Must not have a current Sweat from Home account.

How to Refer: Simply share the below link with them, and tell them to sign up below!
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Veda Polk
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner • AADP Certified Nutrition Coach • ICF Certified Health Coach

Meet Veda, Your health coach

While personal training is intended to achieve specific physical goals, health coaching takes a holistic look at diet, sleep, daily activity, emotional health and more for full mind and body wellness.

Veda's passion is to help support you as you learn how these core pillars can positively impact your overall health and apply them through small, manageable lifestyle changes.

We're excited to talk to you about how life and health transformation might look like for you.

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You are in!

We can't wait to KICK THE SUGAR 

Would you like to book your first 15-min session with Veda? You can book a time that is for convenient for you on her calendar below.

Note - while the challenge is free, each private 15-min session with veda is $15, which will be charged to your account after the session

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