Ajay K. Patel

What's your sweat location?


Describe the vibe of your class

Opportunity to reset the mind and body

What's your favorite part about teaching at Sweat from Home?

The community of coaches and clients.

Top artists/genres that can be heard in your classes?

Sol Rising, Odesza, Tycho

Tell us about your fitness experience

I'm a life long athlete that's recovered from five orthopedic surgeries. Basketball is my favorite and I play 1-2 times a week. Since becoming a yoga teacher, my exercise routine has geared towards more restorative/longevity movements for the body and the mind.

What are your certifications?

PTA, FST, RYT, FMS, Breath Coach

What's a fun fact the SFH fam may not know about you?

I am big Game of Thrones fan!