Co-Founder & Coach

Bethany Welch

What's your sweat location?


Describe the vibe of your class

Work hard but have fun. I feel like if you gave yourself those 45 min to work you better use them all and give it all you have but also, I don't take myself so seriously (and believe you shouldn't either) so enjoy it.

What's your favorite part about teaching at Sweat from Home?

The community! I get excited logging into zoom and seeing the same familiar faces day in and day out.

Top artists/genres that can be heard in your classes?

This is tricky! I think I play a little bit of everything but I do like it all to be EDM remixed. Calvin Harris, Chainsmokers, Drake, Martin Garrix, etc.

Tell us about your fitness experience

Flywheel, CityRow, Orangetheory, CardioCast, Half Iron-Man x1, Marathon x4, Half Marathon x8. I have been in the fitness industry for over 8 years (and its really one of the only jobs I have ever had). I started in college as a spin instructor at UMass and then that led me to coach bootcamp and become a personal trainer. By the time I was a senior, I realized that I could become a full time instructor so I moved to NYC and did just that!

What are your certifications?

PT, GF, RRCA, CFSC, TRX level 1, NASM Nutrition, KB Sport

What's a fun fact the SFH fam may not know about you?

I have two different colored eyes!