Co-Founder & Coach

Brendan Bellantoni

What's your sweat location?

Currently The Jersey Shore but really anywhere I get a good internet connection!

Describe the vibe of your class

Hype music, chill coaching. I'm here to educate you mentally and physically.

What's your favorite part about teaching at Sweat from Home?

The fact that I can help so many people from so many different areas. It's always been a goal to make an impact on a million people!

Top artists/genres that can be heard in your classes?

EDM always and some rap. Kaskade, Tiesto, Britney Spears, Yup!

Tell us about your fitness experience

Washed up college athlete. Got to represent USA in Rugby League post college. The weight room has been a second home for as long as I can remember. After graduating and giving corporate America a couple rounds I knew my passion was helping people become better versions of themselves. I've trained every type of person you can think of in my 10+ year training career. Doesn't even feel like a career, it's my life. There's no better feeling hearing someone hitting a goal, losing that weight they wanted, hitting a PR lifting, or just hearing how their general wellbeing has improved just because of a little sweat equity.

What are your certifications?

NASM-CPT, NASM Behavior Change Specialist, ACE Fitness Nutritionist, NASM-Golf Fitness Specialist.

What's a fun fact the SFH fam may not know about you?

I grew up riding horses. I know how to take care of them, ride them, and jump them. My mother ran a horseback riding business where she trained others and also ran a non-profit business teaching disabled children how to ride horses as a form of therapy. Through osmosis I just became a rider. There's a little cowboy in this city boy.