Jessica Sander

What's your sweat location?

New York City

Describe the vibe of your class

Work hard, play’re going to have fun, but get ready to work!

What's your favorite part about teaching at Sweat from Home?

It’s awesome to be able to teach people from literally all over the world. In addition to friends and family members who would not be able to take my class in a studio because they don’t live in NYC.

Top artists/genres that can be heard in your classes?

This is tough because I have a wide variety....but a lot of hip hop, pop (mostly from the early 2000’s) and some good old 90’s dance music.

Tell us about your fitness experience

Fitness was actually my back up plan. I moved to NYC over 10 years ago as a pro dancer. I worked as a trainer and instructor to make some money while auditioning. Once I retired from dancing, I moved into the fitness world full time.

What are your certifications?

"BFA Dance Performance & Education ACE CPT Balanced Body Fully Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Pre/Post natal (both Pilates and regular training) Integrated Stretching STOTT Injuries and Special Populations TRX I am currently in the process of becoming a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist"

What's a fun fact the SFH fam may not know about you?

I have a Blue Nose French Bulldog named Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) He not only looks like him, but he acts like him too....makes funny sounds and faces, can be stubborn, is always up to something, but he’s my best bud and partner in crime!