Jino Oguns

What's your sweat location?

New York

Describe the vibe of your class


What's your favorite part about teaching at Sweat from Home?

Just the vibe and easiness of clients

Top artists/genres that can be heard in your classes?

Lil baby , Madonna, Travis scott

Tell us about your fitness experience

5 year CPT former collegiate athlete 6 year boxing coach. Since a young age, I could always remember wanting to help others get better in whatever their goal was. As I got older I found my passion…. Fitness. Being a former collegiate athlete and not being able to play any longer, I needed a way to get my fix of helping people & fitness. Adding on to my knowledge of fitness, I boxed since the age of 14, played football and basketball since the age of 6, and started running track at 10. Started off doing kids youth group workouts teaching early childhood development and then moved over to working with adults in fitness group sessions and one-on-ones. 8 years in the fitness industry and I’ve assigned myself a mission. That mission is to spread my passion of helping others and fitness to as many humans as possible.

What are your certifications?

NASM, Boxing Coach License

What's a fun fact the SFH fam may not know about you?

Jinooguns, current model