sweat stories

Sweat From Home’s workouts are challenging and varied, the format provides a motivating and interactive experience and the coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic .. I actually enjoy working out at home, which I never thought was possible!
Jennifer H
Brendan and Kyle have revolutionized the at home workout! Appreciate the shout outs during class including form checks. Definitely check them out. See you in the zoom room soon!
Melani W
WHAT A WORKOUT! Brendan and Kyle are really masters at their craft. They push your limits in a fun way and make you feel so accomplished after every workout.
Carolina S
We LOVE Sweat form Home-- great workout and highlight of quarantine!! It makes getting stronger so much fun :)
Kiera H
Coach Brendan and Coach Kyle are amazing! I have been working out with them for over 2 years and they have helped me stay committed and focused on my fitness and weight loss journey. They are extremely motivating and have made “sweating from home” a great experience. Thanks for all of you do and can’t wait to sweat together next time!
Catherine R
Be prepared to Sweat EXCESSIVELY from Home when you take Brendan and Kyle's class! The class is always so well organized, and even broken up into 4-5 sections which makes the time go by so fast. The best part is the personal touch. You will always hear them cheering you on or correcting your form, which makes it feel like they are right in your living room with you!
Leanna A
Sweat from Home could not be a more accurate name. These workouts have a nice pace and intensity. I recommend finding a way to fit in a few of these classes each week.
Mike M
he best virtual workouts with two motivating and inspiring coaches! Most workouts can be done in a small space without equipment making it convenient and flexible. The workouts change each week but also keep some similar formats so you can see improvements in your form, strength and endurance. They make my morning whenever I take their classes!!
Lauren M
Brendan and Kyle are two great coaches that guide you through a killer and easy to follow workout. Their energy is infectious and they are constantly keeping you motivated throughout the class. They always provide modifications so everyone can work at their own pace and you never feel intimidated. Sweat from Home provides that community feel in the comfort of your own living room. If you join in on one class you will be hooked!
Sydney G
I can’t say enough about Sweat from Home. Coach Kyle and Coach Brendan have created an amazing experience during these crazy times. The classes are always motivating, challenging and most of all fun. I look forward to being in the zoom room and sweating from home.
Samantha G
Since the shelter in place I have been using classes with Coach Bethany. Her classes are fun, energetic and creative. She is also the most hard-working trainer out there. Now she teamed up with Sweat from Home and added more classes to her schedule... I am super happy and I already purchased my monthly unlimited membership. Try these guys and you will not regret. Awesome team.
Eda M
SFH is the best - Kyle and Brendan are outstanding coaches. The workouts are incredible and great for beginners or more advanced athletes. You work at your own pace for your own growth. The classes are fun and engaging - they fly by! This got me through the quarantine and I will keep going!
Mandy H
THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! The Sweat From Home coaches are some of the best I’ve ever come in contact with - and not just in Covid times. They know what they are doing and they know how to push you. We may miss in studio workouts but these folks have gone above and beyond to create a community that is not like anything else in this remote world. I’m always glad I sign up and show up and most important get a REALLY GOOD WORKOUT. Highly recommend.
Meredith J
Introduced to Sweat From Home through friends and absolutely love it! Perfect amount of time, affordable, and very efficient workout! Multiple entry points for all skill levels and minimal to no equipment required! Looking forward to continuing SWF even post quarantine!
Abbie M