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Welcome to Sweat from Home

Our mission is simple: to provide the world’s best interactive workout experience through a fun, inclusive community, and a giveback promise in each class designed to give anyone and everyone their best sweat ever.

The James Nomad Complimentary 7-Day Pass

We're pumped to provide you with a free, VIP pass to come sweat with us. Scroll below to learn more about the classes, and how to sign-up:

Co-Founders Bethany, Brendan, and Kyle will see you in class :)

Why you'll love our classes: We offer 40+ classes a week at various times throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening. Not sure when you want to workout? No worries, you'll have full access to our on-demand class content library as well.

Types of classes: Bootcamp-style cardio burners HIIT bodyweight, strength-focused with weights, yoga, and more.

How to sign-up: Fill out the below form to redeem your 7-day pass. Once you activate your account, you'll be able to reserve any class you'd like on our public schedule below.

Questions? You can check out our FAQ page here, or contact us directly at coach@sweatfh.com

Welcome to the Sweat Fam, we can't wait to see you in the Zoom room soon!

The aftermath of a sweaty class